Disc Rotor in Punch Design, 6-Hole, Shimano compatibel

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  • IS120-Punch
MTB brake discs in Punch design • Shimano compatible • heat treated • many small holes... more
Product information "Disc Rotor in Punch Design, 6-Hole, Shimano compatibel"

MTB brake discs in Punch design • Shimano compatible • heat treated • many small holes integrated in the braking surface
➔ Available sizes are: Ø120, Ø140, Ø160, Ø180, Ø203, Ø220, Ø223 mm

Update 2023

The Ø220 and Ø223mm punch disc is now available in a new, revised design. The diameter of the holes in the friction ring has also been adjusted to match the respective thickness, so that the maximum cooling surface is available for the corresponding thickness. From now on, the design is consistently the same from diameter Ø140 - Ø223mm.

Update 2023
The Ø203mm punch disc is now available in a new, revised design. The inner area has been reinforced and a magnetic mount for a speed sensor has been integrated. The diameter of the holes in the friction ring has also been adjusted to the respective thickness, so that the maximum cooling surface is available at the corresponding thickness.

Update 2021
From now on all Punch Disc are glass bead blasted, but the price does not increase it! This finish treatment reduces the braking time of the brake discs (more information here) and gives the brake disc an even better look.


  • Mechanical brake test according to DIN EN ISO 4210-2: 2015-12 and velotech.de Q2015 standard passed with top values
  • Made from stainless steel which is hardened then ground flat, for a long lasting rotor with perfect trueness. Compatible with all major brake brands, just make sure the outer diameter is correct and the correct caliper adaptor is fitted
  • Brake surface with many small holes to increase the effective area to absorb and dissipate the heat generated during braking ➔ 30% more surface area compared to a comparable standard brake disc
  • 654 holes in the Ø180 mm and 777 holes in the Ø203 mm version
  • less wear of the brake pads due to many small holes in the brake surface
  • use with organic / semi-organic brake pads
  • also available in thickness 2,15 and 2.30 mm (compatible with AVID, Magura and Shimano brake systems)
  • Fixing screws and extensive assembly and braking instructions included in the scope of delivery
  • Punch Light version (Ø160mm) are not suitable for e-bikes and downhill bikes

Compatible with

  • Formula
  • Hayes
  • Hope
  • Magura
  • Shimano
  • Trickstuff
  • TRP

Recommended brake pads (organic / semi-metallic)

  • Galfer: Black, Red and Violet
  • organic pads - Shimano N03A, D03S, G03A and B01S / the use of other brake pads can impair the braking performance
  • Magura 8.P Peformance

Brake pads that do not harmonize optimally with the Punch Disc

  • Trickstuff Standard und Power

Width of the braking surface

  • Ø140 mm = 14 mm
  • Ø160 mm = 14,5 mm
  • Ø160 mm (Punch Light) = 14 mm
  • Ø180 mm = 15,5 mm
  • Ø190 - Ø203 mmmm = 16 mm
  • Ø220 - Ø223 mm = 16,5 mm


  • Ø120 mm = 75 g
  • Ø140 mm = 98 g
  • Ø160 mm = 125 g
  • Ø160 mm (Punch Light) = only 111 g !
  • Ø180 mm = 155 g
  • Ø180 mm = 170 g (Thickness: 2,15 mm)
  • Ø203 mm = 192 g
  • Ø203 mm = 214 g (Thickness: 2,15 mm)
  • Ø203 mm = 229 g (Thickness: 2,30 mm)
  • Ø220 mm = 241 g (Thickness: 2,15 mm)
  • Ø223 mm = 262 g (Thickness: 2,30 mm)

Information for the heat treatment:
For additional stability and strength, all our disc brakes are heat treated. During this process, basic strength in addition to the resilient properties of the material can be improved. As a result, our discs have a very high level of strength, and visibly lower wear, which gives the discs a longer life! In addition, the risk of bending the disc is reduced, so your disc should stay straighter, longer!
These effects are only visible when the disc is installed correctly, and the brake is used properly.

Available downloads:

Rotor Size: 120mm, 223mm, 140 mm, 160mm, 180mm, 203mm, 220mm
Design: Punch Disc
Standard / Pitch Circle Diameter PCD: 6-Hole (IS2000)
Disc Thickness: 2.15mm, 1.95mm, 2.30mm
Material: High alloy stainless steel ( AISI 420 C)
Surface treatment: Heat treated and precision ground
Tightening Torque: 5-6 Nm
Braking Surface: 14,5mm, 16mm, 17mm
Recommended Brake Pads: organisch - Shimano N03A, D03S, G03A und B01S
Quantity: 1x Brake Disc incl. 6 steel bolts T25
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Customer evaluation for "Disc Rotor in Punch Design, 6-Hole, Shimano compatibel"
23 Sep 2020

TOP Bremsscheibe fürs Tandem!!!

Habe die Punch in 203/2,2 mm an meinem Renntandem (Systemgewicht um die 190 kg) zusammen mit Bremssätteln von Hope (RX4 mit Shimano-STi-Hebeln) verbaut, weil sich die AVID-Bremsscheiben nach einem Tagesausflug in den Odenwald wegen Überhitzung verzogen hatten. Mit diesen Bremsscheiben ist Fading kein Thema mehr. Die Bremsscheiben laufen extrem gerade (haben fast keinen Seitenschlag) und ein Verschleiß ist nach rund 1.000 km nicht feststellbar.

Admin 23 Sep 2020

Danke dir Florian für das positive Feedback und allzeit gute Fahrt!

5 Oct 2019

Great Punch Rotors!

Got Torsten to build us 2.1mm Thick x 203mm punch rotors and they are incredible. They run silent and on long downhills (even with my 235#) remain cool with ZERO fade. Very impressed as always with BrakeSTUFF product and price is very reasonable for such high quality

Admin 5 Oct 2019

Thank you, Doug!

22 Jul 2019

Sehr gute Bremsscheibe!

Bin nach Alpencross mit der "Punch Disc 203/2.1" begeistert von der Disc.
Nach ca 12000 Tiefenmetern bei 130kg Systemgewicht keinerleil Überhitzungsprobleme,
keine Verfärbungen und geringer Belagverschleiß.


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