Development and construction of brake discs

During my many years of professional experience as a designer, I have dealt with a variety of problems and challenges in the development of brake discs. Especially when it comes to selection of the right materials, braking performance, durability, wear reduction and design, we at BrakeSTUFF are the partner of choice.

Because we are constantly developing our brake discs and fulfilling individual requests from many different sources, we make exacting demands on ourselves in the design and manufacture of the optimum brake disc. Starting with a first design on paper and in CAD, we construct the first brake disc as a prototype. From there, we move on to series production and marketing.

We see especially great potential in e-bikes and pedelecs. That is one area where standard brake discs and the quest for durability and braking performance soon hit their limit.

If you have a project that requires a special brake disc, then please contact me. I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our products. I am, of course, open to your suggestions or individual customer wishes. We are also happy to supply you with a prototype which you can use in initial tests or trials.

Do you need a purpose-designed brake disc? Contact us now!

Development and construction of brake discs
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