Punch Disc endurance test in the Alps

MTB Punch Disc • Shimano compatible • heat treated • many holes integrated in the braking surface • jointly developed with Cornelius Kapfinger of Intend BC


  • Significant increase in effective heat-absorbing area (30% more than a brake disc of comparable standard)
  • Less wear of the brake pads due to the many small holes
  • Compatible with brake systems offering a matching swept friction area
  • Heat-treated finish of the brake discs increases service life and reduces wear
  • Use with organic/semi-organic brake pads


  • Formula
  • Magura (Julie, Louise)
  • Shimano
  • Tektro
  • Trickstuff

Opinion of the Watzmann Tour Bike Guide:
“Disc is very good, makes no noise and is cool after about 750 metres of vertical descent. The discs on all the other bikes are too hot to touch.”

Update 1 // 09/06/2018 - The latest from the Watzmann Tour Bike Guide:
"I had another look at the brake pads on the e-bike today. After almost 11,000 of elevation gain, they’re still looking really good. I’ll be interested to see how much further I can go on them.”

Brake pads used: Shimano Organic G02A

Update 2  // 29/06/2018 - The latest from the Watzmann Tour Bike Guide:
“Hello, here is a brief interim report after 20,500 metres of elevation gain and several rainy days. The same brake pads are still on... I’m really impressed so far. But now we’re using the Bio Bike for the first time... I’m curious to see how much elevation gain we can get out of the pads before they are totally worn...”

Update 3  // 09/08/2018 - The latest Information from the Watzmann Tour Bike Guide:
I'm currently at 29,600 m (of which about 8,000 m when it rains) and there is still something going on. My reference value with the Shimano Icetec discs was 18500 Hm ... Without words ... To be continued ...

Here is a recent report on our new brake disc that was published by emtb-news.de

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