Expansion of the product range of our Punch Disc

I'm getting more and more inquiries about other sizes and strengths of our Punch Disc. For this reason, the product range is being expanded to include the following sizes:

  • ø200 mm in 1,95 mm and 2,1 mm
  • ø220 mm in 2,1 mm and 2,2 mm
  • ø223 mm in 2,2 mm

Why actually ø223mm and 2.2mm? Many bikes (especially e-bikes) are equipped with good braking systems, but the tried and tested brake discs are retained - usually ø203 mm at the front / 180 mm at the rear. In order to meet the increased demands of weight (e-bike + driver) in connection with speed, you simply have to install larger and stronger brake discs. The larger brake discs get less hot and the max. The temperature remains well below the critical point at which the fading begins. This in connection with the right brake pads - organic pads with the Punch Disc - results in a completely new braking behavior and the issue of overheating is almost off the table.

Fading is an undesirable decrease in the braking effect of a mechanical brake system due to the brake heating up. The coefficient of friction on the brake decreases with increasing temperature (source: Wikipedia).

There are now 17 different versions available. There should be the right size for every bike - road bike, gravel bike, downhiller e-bike and cargo bike.

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