Looking for an eye catching brake disk with a name, a logo or a link?

We have been specialized in custom made brake disc rotors. For example we design and manufacture them with a logo, a link or a name with the required dimensions and strength. For example we work together with known names in the bicycle industry such as Electrolyte E-Bikes and Specialized. Prototypes of brake disc rotors are tested on braking power, braking stability, braking wear etc. This goes so far that we support the entire development to series production. We are very proud for this job, because only a handful of companies worldwide are able to do this.
Are you looking for a special brake disc rotor with a name, a logo or a link? Maybe you want to make advertising for your bike shop, showing a special bike at a bike fair or just riding your bike hard and wat to brake late? Don't look any further! At BrakeSTUFF we can fullfill your wish and make your custom disc rotor.
Through the combination of material and heat treatment our disc rotors are very powerfull and stiff.

Simply contact us and convince yourself! Here you can find a photo gallery of our previously manufactured custom made disc rotors.

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